"I've got dignity! Okay... maybe about an ounce of dignity. Like a half ounce, maybe even. But that's still dignity, accoding to the last time I checked! Unless of course the last time I checked LIED. Hm."

"All right Mister HOT STUFF, Mister STUFF THAT'S HOT..."

"Who's supposed to be the BIGSHOT NAVIGATOR around here, Mister Loudmouth, Mister big... LOUDMOUTH!"

"So, uh, what's this thing with you and the BLANKET?"

"What's a good color? Oh, how 'bout MAGENTA?" --Lampy

Lampy from The Brave Little Toaster and its sequels, is an orange flexible neck desktop lamp. Lampy has little patience for the radio and they usally end up fighting. Lampy is the only appliance who is litarate as he was seen reading a phone book, and reading over the master's shoulder. He has no arms, but can use his electric cord and plug as hands. His momment of glory came when he eletroucted himself during a lighting strom to rechrage the group's battery, which resulted in him burning his bulb out. He is portrayed by Tim Stack. Lampy is not so nice to Blanky, calling him a baby, and he doesn't like Kirby. Lampy has astraphobia.

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